Mike Wizard

A sound support framework is the blend of mouthpieces, flag processors, intensifiers, and amplifiers in fenced in areas all controlled by a blending console that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may likewise convey those sounds to a bigger or more removed audience.[1][2] In numerous circumstances, a sound fortification framework is additionally used to upgrade or modify the sound of the sources on the stage, commonly by utilizing electronic impacts, for example, reverb, instead of essentially intensifying the sources unaltered.

A few distinct sorts of amplifier are being used, which utilize diverse strategies to change over the gaseous tension varieties of a sound wave to an electrical flag. The most widely recognized are the dynamic mouthpiece, which utilizes a loop of wire suspended in an attractive field; the condenser receiver, which utilizes the vibrating stomach as a capacitor plate, and the piezoelectric amplifier, which utilizes a precious stone of piezoelectric material. Amplifiers commonly should be associated with a preamplifier before the flag can be recorded or imitated.